Tower Composite Rendering

Tower Composite Rendering Like this

Sometimes the easiest way to illustrate a concept is to pull from the real world.   Most infrastructure, existing and proposed, is similar most of the time.

The term “photoshop” or “photoshopping” is not something that should be taken lightly when compositing two or more images in to one final image.   There are a lot of things to consider to ensure that there are no issues during post processing.  Distances, focal length, lighting, perspective, etc…  The list can be extensive depending on the desired result.

Existing infrastructure that has been already photographed (donor photography) is carefully selected and masked off properly by hand.  This can be a tedious time consuming process but the end result is worth it!

If the proper perspective and or lighting is not available in our current library then an additional site visit to that location would be performed to get the correct reference match.  Sometimes several visits to the same location to capture different lighting is required especially if numerous vantage points are required to be produced for a proposal.

Below is a tower example that has been masked out of its original photo.




Once masked off the new floating cutout can be transplanted, scaled and brushed in to the plate photo shot at the proposed location where the future tower will reside.