The Makeup Desk

The Makeup Desk Like this

The internet, sometimes, isn’t the greatest place to search for something that you dream of in your head. That perfect setup and configuration. Hours on Pinterest, hours typing in a multitude of search variations in Google’s search bar.

…And nothing. No one has had the same dream as you when it comes to your vision. At this point, it was time to start sketching out ideas for “The Makeup Desk”.

Since we would be constructing the desk out of real world item’s, gas pipe & fittings, home electrical components and wood, the design process would go very quick.

After the basic design was completed it was off to the local hardware store to start amassing the parts list.

In the original design, 1/2″ gas pipe was used but upon examination of the pipe we decided to beef it up to 3/4″ just to be able to take a little more abuse and keep it a little more sturdy.

Once the bottom legs were assembled, the reclaimed (dried) maple was underway at the shop for construction 30″x36″.


Now that the wood had been planed, cut and glued, it was time to seal it with oil and then marry it to the bottom legs.


Now that the easy part was completed it was time to start the assembly of the top light bar. Before this could be started, we had to find the right mirror to fit the look we were looking for. And we did on the buy and sell. Now that we have the dimensions of the mirror, we can verify the dimensions of the light bar with the dimensions of the mirror and modify the size to fit.

The light sockets are wired in series so it was important as the construction progressed with the light bar to check that the circuit was in tact as each section was added.

After that was completed the rest of the construction went along without a hitch.

Back to the table electrics. The circuit design consisted of a power inlet socket to feed the circuit with power. From there we added a 15A GFI to catch any spikes or excessive amperage usage if a hair dryer or curling iron is to be used. This will minimize any interruption in any of the other circuits that are in use or trip the main breaker. After that two more standard outlets lead to an on/off switch before connection to a junction where the light bar wiring would meet the circuit.

Once the bottom circuit was tested and completed it was time to marry the light bar to the table top and feed the wiring in to the junction box below.


Once the last of the electoral was completed the last thing to do was to screw in the LED bulbs (max 90w total power) and plug it in.