Siklu 600T

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The EtherHaul-600T radio delivers ultra high capacity wireless point-to-point Ethernet connectivity to any kind of street furniture. Operating over the unlicensed 60GHz band, the palm-sized radio provides backhaul to small cells, Wi-Fi hotspots, security cameras or any device deployed on lamp posts, poles, traffic lights and buildings.

Prior to any deployment of new equipment, testing and conceptualizing how a new unit will function with existing designs and infrastructure is key.

For this post, we took an actual 600T and converted it in to a 3D model where we could then import it in to existing models for test fit and placement.

The first step was to take as many key measurements of the unit as we could while we had access to it using a digital calliper and other devices.

Once measurements are completed the unit is hand drawn piece by piece and the result is an accurate simplified 3D model with accurate bolt pattern(s) for mounting, etc…

To give a more accurate representation of the model, please see below the active 3D model view.


To take this workflow and process one step further for real world test fitting/prototyping, the byproduct of a properly constructed 3D model is a 3D print.  For this step, the model was printed in sections just as the real version.

First the model is separated and setup for a 3D print.

Once all of the parts are printed, they are assembled in to the final unit which can be used for any customized applications.

Discussion about the 3D printed model in-hand