BTS3202E Small Cell

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Coming to an neighbourhood near you!  The BTS3202 series of wireless radios from Huawei are filling in the gaps for wireless networks.

Designing a unified national design can be challenging when your country’s coast spans over 7200 km.   Thats where constructing an installation in a 3D environment can close the cycle time for design and delivery.

The beauty of most of the wireless world is that products and equipment are generally off the shelf items where little to no customization is required.   Replicating these items can be done with ease on our end for import in to one singular environment.  Fabricating a test facility with real equipment can be a costly endeavour to design an installation.   Realizing that we can host an online working session to configure, locate and relocate equipment with clients nationally increases accuracy and all parties can agree on a design before any boxes are opened.

Below are some key steps illustrating our process from equipment replication, to design, to final conceptual renderings.

Instruction manuals are a great place to source out reference material before a 3D model is drawn.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 3.20.59 PM

Nine times out of ten there are orthographic images and or line drawings with basic measurements.   Having access to collateral like this is a great help to getting started.   Having access to the equipment itself is even better!

For this project, we did actually have access to live equipment to which specific measurements were taken with a digital calliper.   Photography from every angle possible was also captured for use as reference.

BTS3202E - Collage

Above, the BTS3202E reference images.  Below, the completed 3D model with mechanical tilt mount.

BTS3202E - Sample - Mechanical Mount


  After required equipment has been drawn out its imported in and placed in to a 3D environment and work continues to configure.

   One of the most tedious items to create during the configuration process is wiring.   Drawing the path of each proposed wire/cable and then extruding the correct corresponding diameter.  Below is a screenshot of the process for a single wire.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.08.55 PM

The end result is a completed design that can be viewed at every possible angle.

Small Cell Environment Collage - Pole Mounted

Below is a short video walk around of the BTS3202E and sample renderings with full texturing and lighting composited in to actual photography.