Aerial Viewshed 50m

Aerial Viewshed 50m Like this

As the demand for wireless network connectivity rises and communities and cities expand, wireless infrastructure is constantly trailing behind.  To address what the final result will look like for any proposed new cell tower, photographic simulations can be generated based on the requirements of the carrier wishing to build.  The before and after images are used when submitting an application to the municipality as well as the prospective land owner and neighbouring properties.

Before and After





In cases where there are concerns as to how much of the tower will be visible, a precision drone flight can be made possible to address any concerns both from the municipality as well as area residents.

Below is an example 360 degree view at an altitude of 50 meters above the proposed tower compound.  Recorded in 4K the video can be either uploaded to any online video service such as YouTube or Vimeo or can be download on to a tablet so it can be viewed at any time.  This also giving the view the capability to pause at any point, screen grab or examine, the view the top of the proposed tower.

Drone Flight at 50m (Tower Top)


Subsequently, images can also be captured at altitude for the record or use during consultation with any parties.