3D Flag Pole Tower

3D Flag Pole Tower Like this

Toronto.  Canada’s largest city and home to some of Canada’s oldest and renowned heritage sites.   In the ever growing hungry market of data intensive users, ground space all over the city is shrinking at an accelerated rate.   Achieving infrastructure that blends in with the metropolitan landscape is key to meeting the needs of an ever expanding network and visual impact to the surrounding area.

The desired parcel of land is on City of Toronto, Green P Parking, owned property behind the Fort York Museum.   An identified portion of land that has not been earmarked for any sort of future use other than what it is now.   Here our client has request a 40 meter cell tower disguised as a flag pole.   To start off a project of this nature we run a simple view shed analysis to capture the true visual impact from the top of the future structure.

Bell Mobility - 800 Fleet St. - Proposed 40m Tower - Viewshed - Proposed Photo Locations - CGoogle Earth Viewshed Analysis

After running the analysis we can see (in green) areas where the tower will be visible.   Marking specific distances from the proposed tower (up to 500m) allows for the selection of locations where photography should be taken from.   This images will be used later for final compositing.

A new element had also been identified for this project, views from altitude to illustrate the visual impact entering or exiting the city from the expressway.

DJI Inspire 1

It was an eye opening flight!  We were able to capture high resolution aerials of the proposed location from above as well as maneuver the aircraft in to key positions for photography.  After the flight and snapping ground based imagery it was time to pull all of the data that back in to the lab and work on the CAD model that would be transposed in to the selected images.

Final compound layout and design.Final compound design (above)

Even the smallest details are added to our CAD models.  Check out the 360 video walk through below.

Once GPS coordintates are assigned to the completed model, and the model oriented to the target location, final rendering takes place and then composited in to photography taken on site.

W5550 800 Fleet Street - Ground View 01 - Before - RProperty as it is today

W5550 800 Fleet Street - Ground View 01 - After - RThe final proposed tower composited in to the image

Below another example of drone photography to illustrate true visual impact of the proposed installation.

W5550 800 Fleet Street - Drone 02 - Before - RDrone photograph at an altitude of 30.5m relative to the ground

W5550 800 Fleet Street - Drone 02 - After - RComposited proposed tower