14.9 Swap

14.9 Swap Like this

Purchase another carriers tower?  Looking to update it with a tower swap and need a visual? No problem!  This was a nice little quick composite that we did in a 24 hr turn around.

Since the existing tower is already there, scaling in a new tower with a brand new compound and shelter eliminates the time for taking visual measurements on site.  After our site visit we moved right in to a 3D model configuration based on a provided survey drawing.  Items from our 3D Telecom Warehouse were pulled in and placed.

W2028 Bayview & 16th-monochrome copy

Once configured, camera matching, coordinates, date/time and texturing were added to model based on the clients requirements for the tower swap.  Once final rendering of the frame was completed it was moved in to Photoshop for final compositing.


Above, the before and after final rendering of the 14.9 meter tall cell tower.